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Series - Doctor Who: Missing Adventures Novels

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Publisher: Virgin (Doctor Who Books imprint) -- United Kingdom
Category: Licensed Property : Doctor Who

Although this series of novels featuring characters from various periods in the history of the television series did not feature any interactive volumes, its follow-up, Doctor Who: Past Doctor Adventures Novels, included a single gamebook-style volume.


1. Goth Opera
2. Evolution
3. Venusian Lullaby
4. Crystal Bucephalus
5. State of Change
6. The Romance of Crime
7. The Ghosts of N-Space
8. Time of Your Life
9. Dancing the Code
10. The Menagerie
11. System Shock
12. The Sorcerer's Apprentice
13. Invasion of the Cat-People
14. Managra
15. Millennial Rites
16. The Empire of Glass
17. Lords of the Storm
18. Downtime
19. The Man in the Velvet Mask
20. The English Way of Death
21. The Eye of the Giant
22. The Sands of Time
23. Killing Ground
24. The Scales of Injustice
25. The Shadow of Weng-Chiang
26. Twilight of the Gods
27. Speed of Flight
28. The Plotters
29. Cold Fusion
30. Burning Heart
31. A Device of Death
32. The Dark Path
33. The Well-Mannered War

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