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Series - Time machine

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Publisher: E. Elle -- Italy
Category: Product Family : Librogame
Translated From: Time Machine (English)


1. L'eta dei dinosauri
2. Le sorgenti del Nilo
3. Sulle navi pirata
4. Selvaggio west
5. Missione a Varsavia
6. La spada del samurai
7. Le sette città d'oro
8. Alla ricerca di re Artù
9. Il mistero di Atlantide
10. Le fiamme dell'inquisizione

User Comments

Silly books!

I remember I sold them to my classmates as soon as I bought them.

No game mechanics, no action, with a didactical intent that sounded to me extremely out-of-place. Should I want to know more about dinosaurs, or the Victoria Falls, or the Wild West, I could have done better to look for a REAL history book. And so I did.

Nowadays that their economical value is surely higher, I may regret about having sold them so easily, but... no, I just don't.


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