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Series - Oberon

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Publisher: E. Elle -- Italy
Category: Product Family : Librogame
Translated From: The World of Lone Wolf (English)

The first book of this series was also sold in a boxed set with the first Lupo Solitario book. The box is listed under that series.


1. Oberon il giovane mago
2. La città proibita
3. Il cancello dell'ombra
4. La guerra dei maghi

User Comments

When I bought, many, many years ago, the first Oberon gamebook (the Italian translation of the World of Lone Wolf series), I remember I was a bit disappointed.

At that time (as I was only twelve) I didn't knew that Gary Chalk was just the illustrator of the book, I thought he was a sort of co-writer. So, when I read "Dever-Page" instead of "Dever-Chalk" I feared the books would have been somehow worse than Lone Wolf.

I was damn wrong! The saga of Oberon (Grey Star for you, English readers) is simply wonderful! There's magic, adventure, journey, that astonishing final revelation in the last book and even a bit of romance (an element that LW lacks). I think that Dever experimented in these books with ideas, themes and plots he couldn't throw in LW ones (which stay, notwithstandingly, as the best gamebooks ever).


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