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Series - Giocare a dadi col drago

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Publisher: Longanesi -- Italy
Translated From: Dicing with Dragons (English)

This translation includes a new preface written by Giampaolo Dossena. In light of this added material, it seems odd that the lists of English-language game publishers are included but no appendices for Italian equivalents are added. Also a bit strange is the fact that one of the included game excerpts (the map from the D&D Basic Set's Dungeon Master book) is translated into Italian, but the others aren't (the pages from Tunnels & Trolls and Traveller products remain in English). Also untranslated is the name of the solo adventure's game system; even in Italy it's called Fantasy Quest.

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Giocare a dadi col drago (L'Occhio del Drago)

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