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Publisher: A. Mondadori -- Italy
Translated From: Falcon (English)


1. Il lord traditore
2. Mechanon
3. La gabbia di Baal
4. Perduti nel tempo
5. Il sole morente
6. Alla fine del tempo

User Comments

Those books are the best Sci-Fi gamebooks I ever read!

The complexity of the plot, the continuity between the six books, and the game mechanics, simple yet really effective, represent the state-of-the-art of Sci-Fi gamebooks.

An uneasy theme, like the time travel one, is offered to the reader with good competence, more suitable for mature readers, I guess.

The adventures avoid too many time paradoxes, although you can't mess around with the past without consequences, but it's good that consequences don't always imply the abused "you've never been born" ending.

The graphics are ok, especially the technological schemes provided at the beginning of the book.

One last advice: although I bought the whole Falcon series many, many years ago, I'm quite sure it's not really too difficult to obtain these books from Mondadori Publisher.


A futuristic adventure, whose main character (you) Falcon has to deal with the most problematic situations about present, past and future with the time machine developed by his organization.

This is a really hard to be found (complete at least) Italian edition even if the editor is probably the biggest in Italy.


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