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Series - Lupo solitario

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Publisher: E. Elle -- Italy
Categories: Format : Paperback
Product Family : Librogame
Translated From: Lone Wolf (1984-1998) (English)


Librogame (Euroclub boxed set)


1. I signori delle tenebre
2. Traversata infernale
3. Negli abissi di Kaltenland
4. L'altare del sacrificio
5. Ombre sulla sabbia
6. Nel regno del terrore
7. Il castello della morte
8. La giungla degli orrori
9. L'antro della paura
10. Le segrete di Torgar
11. I prigionieri del tempo
12. Scontro mortale
13. Contagio mortale
14. Il prigioniero di Kaag
15. La crociata della morte
16. Il ritorno di Vashna
17. Il signore di Ixia
18. L'alba dei dragoni
19. Il destino del lupo
20. L'ira di Naar
21. Il viaggio della pietra di luna
22. I bucanieri di Shadaki
23. L'eroe di Mydnight
24. Runa di guerra
25. Il sentiero del lupo
26. La montagna insanguinata
27. L'artiglio di Naar
28. La vendetta di Sejanoz

User Comments

The best gamebooks series, ever! And ever!

Lupo Solitario literally had a great influence on my life. The books were my first approach to gambooks, Fantasy literature and RPG's world (an hobby I still cultivate now that I'm 33).

I can't remember how many times, as a child, I wondered about being that extraordinary hero LS was, while playing his adventures.

Every new book was a wonderful surprise. As soon as I found it in the booskshelves of my local store, I immediately bought it and ran into my room to immerse in the world of Magnamund.

The mechanics are really simple, with some interesting twists here and there as the series proceed. The skills system offers continuity to the series, motivates the player in reading (having, thus) all the books, and they also grants a kind of re-playability (an element LS lacks, in some ways), as some routes can be taken only if you have certain Kai skills.

The saga is simply excellent. As it unfolds, book after book, you learn more about the ancient world of Magnamund, its inhabitants and who you truly are, about the quasi-godly ancestry you claim as you grow in power and experience.

The plots are rich, realistic, complex, full of great NPCs which grow in experience as you grow (like your old friend, the Mage Banedon you encounter many times as the saga unfolds).

There's a weak point in the series, however. When Lupo Solitario reaches the above-all rank of Kai Grand Grand Master, the story continues with you playing the role of another Kai Knight, a disciple of LS. These books can't compete with the former, as they lack in depth and involvement, taking you to lands so far it's difficult for the reader to accept as part of the Magnamund as he knew before.

One of the most interesting things about this Italian translation of the LW books, is that the Italian translators chose to change "Kai" to "Ramas". That name was probably taken form the name of the ancient shrine in the first book in wich you encounter Banedon for the first time, as it was originally called "Raumas" (and then renamed "Tamargo" in Italian).

While this choice could seem strange for English readers, it must be said that, in Italian, "Cavalieri Kai" sounds quite silly.

Nowadays Joe Dever is publishing again the first books of the series, with some changes in the plots and some new encounters. I still haven't read them, as the Italian translation is about to be published.

However, in my opinion, Lupo Solitario is not only the best gamebooks series ever, but also the best Fantasy Saga, LOTR aside.


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