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Series - Skyfall

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Publisher: E. Elle -- Italy
Categories: Format : Paperback
Product Family : Librogame
Translated From: The Legends of Skyfall (English)


1. I mostri della palude
2. La piramide nera
3. Il mistero della miniera
4. Il giardino della follia

User Comments

These are not gamebooks at all, in my opinion!

Skyfall gamebooks are just mazes you have to escape, or infiltrate, with a storyline so feeble and inconsistent that it reminds me of some old computer adventures.

You can play over, and over, and over that SAME damn scene until you find your way out to proceed in the adventure.

In order to preserve the logic of the encounters, the text has too many out-of-play instructions like "if you have already killed that monster, then you find this room empty..." wich spoils the book of any involvement.

And the combat system is really too complex for a gamebook.

And what about the plots? Well, they are worse-than-average fantasy ones, written to cope with the maze, rather than vice versa.

I bought only recently these books at a low price: a real occasion as they are near-mint. But, for me, they have just a collector's value.


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