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Series - Guerrieri della strada

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Alternate Title: Freeway Warrior, Il guerriero della strada
Publishers: E. Elle -- Italy
Vincent Books -- Italy
Categories: Format : Paperback
Product Family : Librogame
Translated From: Freeway Warrior (English)

Starting in 2015, these books were reissued by Vincent Books using their original English titles, under a series title of "Freeway Warrior, Il guerriero della strada."


1. Viaggio disperato
2. Agguato in montagna
3. La zona omega
4. Verso la California

User Comments

I clearly remember that when I found Guerrieri della strada on the bookshelves of my local bookstore -- I was hyper-excited!

My favorite gamebooks author ever, Joe Dever, had written another saga, which, I was sure, would have been as amazing as Lupo Solitario (Lone Wolf, my English friends!).

I was soon disappointed. Mark Phoenix was a weak character even for the 14 year old reader I was at that time. And the first thing that made me a bad impression were the ridiculous foes' names. Idiots like Ray-Ban, Rockblitz or Kalashnikov weren't good enough to even lick the boots of Giaks, Tigerwolves, Vordaks and Drakkars.

And what about the story? Well, a poor (REALLY poor) Mad Max clone.

That day I learned that anybody can fault...


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