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Series - Grecia antica

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Publisher: E. Elle -- Italy
Categories: Format : Paperback
Product Family : Librogame
Translated From: Cretan Chronicles (English)


1. In viaggio verso Creta
2. Alla corte di Minosse
3. Il ritorno

User Comments

This is one of the most interesting gamebook series I ever read.

There are myth, gods, history, magic... all mingled (and written down) very well.

The game mechanics are simple, yet effective. And, whilst playing, you really get that feeling of Mediterranean fantasy.

But the REAL deal is the prophecy power your hero has. It adds a lot of depth to the game and, in rare cases, choosing to have a prophecy is indispensable to go further in your adventures.

Plots and themes are, in my opinion, more suitable to mature readers.

Absolutely recommended!


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