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This role-playing magazine published three solitaire adventures, one for the original Star Wars Role-Playing Game, one based on Warhammer 40,000 and one for Space: 1889. It also included many non-interactive short stories, several of which were adapted into one of the Shadowrun Novels.


32. Challenge #32 (Alone Against the Empire)
42. Challenge #42 (Inquisitor Viest)
44. Challenge #44 (Squeeze Play)
46. Challenge #46 (Quicksilver Sayonara)
47. Challenge #47 (Digital Grace)
50. Challenge #50 (Numberunner)
57. Challenge #57 (SubAfrican!)
62. Challenge #62 (Fair Game (part 1 of 2))
63. Challenge #63 (Fair Game (part 2 of 2))

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