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Series - L'œil noir

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Publishers: Gallimard -- France
Schmidt International -- France
Categories: Format : Paperback
Product Family : Un livre dont vous êtes le héros
Translated From: Das Schwarze Auge (German)

Two different publishers produced these books; some titles were issued by both publishers while others were released by only one of the two. In some cases, numbering differs between publishers. Only solitaire adventures are listed below. An additional solitaire scenario was printed in Casus Belli magazine.


15. Les spectres des marais (Le marais de l'angoisse)

Role-Playing Materials

Le livre des aventures (Que l'aventure commence !)

Solitaire Adventures

4. La fille du calife
5. La source de mort
9. L'archipel des cyclopes
14. Les hiéroglyphes de l'horreur
17. Le chemin maudit
23. La faucille noire

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La dernière nuit

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