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Series - World of Darkness Novels

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Publishers: HarperCollins -- United States
White Wolf -- United States

These non-interactive novels are based on the various role-playing games in White Wolf's World of Darkness line.


Clan Novel: Anthology
Dark Tyrants: A Vampire The Dark Ages Anthology
The Essential World of Darkness
Strange City


As One Dead
The Beast Within
Book of the Kindred
Clan Brujah Trilogy 1: Slave Ring
Clan Brujah Trilogy 2: The Overseers
Clan Brujah Trilogy 3: The Puppet-Masters
Clan Lasombra Trilogy 1: Shards
Clan Lasombra Trilogy 2: Shadows
Clan Lasombra Trilogy 3: Sacrifices
Clan Novel: Assamites
Clan Novel: Brujah
Clan Novel: Gangrel
Clan Novel: Giovanni
Clan Novel: Lasombra
Clan Novel: Malkavian
Clan Novel: Nosferatu
Clan Novel: Ravnos
Clan Novel: Setite
Clan Novel: Toreador
Clan Novel: Tremere
Clan Novel: Tzimisce
Clan Novel: Venture
Clan Tremere Trilogy 1: Widow's Walk
Clan Tremere Trilogy 2: Widow's Weeds
Clan Tremere Trilogy 3: Widow's Might
Dark Ages: Assamite
Dark Ages: Brujah
Dark Ages: Cappadocian
Dark Ages: Losambra
Dark Ages: Malkavian
Dark Ages: Nosferatu
Dark Ages: Ravnos
Dark Ages: Setites
Dark Destiny
Dark Destiny 2: Proprietors of Fate
Dark Destiny 3: Children of Dracula
A Dozen Black Roses
The Grails Covenant Trilogy 1: To Shift Through Bitter Ashes
The Grails Covenant Trilogy 2: To Speak in Lifeless Tongues
The Grails Covenant Trilogy 3: To Dream of Dreamers Lost
House of Secrets
Mage: Such Pain
Masquerade of the Red Death Trilogy 1: Blood War
Masquerade of the Red Death Trilogy 2: Unholy Alliances
Masquerade of the Red Death Trilogy 3: The Unbeholden
On a Darkling Plain
Predator & Prey 1: Vampire
Predator & Prey 2: Judge
Predator & Prey 3: Werewolf
Predator & Prey 4: Jury
Predator & Prey 5: Mage
Predator & Prey 6: Executioner
Prince of the City
Trilogy of the Blood Curse 1: The Devil's Advocate
Trilogy of the Blood Curse 2: The Winnowing
Trilogy of the Blood Curse 3: Dark Prophecy
Vampire Diary: The Embrace
Vampire: Blood on the Sun
Vampire: Blood Relations
Vampire: Dark Prince
Vampire: Netherworld
Victorian Age Vampire Trilogy 1: A Morbid Initiation
Victorian Age Vampire Trilogy 2: The Madness of Priests
Victorian Age Vampire Trilogy 3: The Wounded King
Werewolf: Conspicuous Consumption
Werewolf: Hell-Storm
Werewolf: Wyrm Wolf
Wraith: Sins of the Fathers
Year of the Scarab Trilogy 1: Heralds of the Storm
Year of the Scarab Trilogy 2: Lay Down with Lions
Year of the Scarab Trilogy 3: Land of the Dead

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