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Series - Worlds of Power Novels

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Publishers: Scholastic -- United States
Scholastic (Hippo imprint) -- United Kingdom

This series of non-interactive novels is loosely based on third-party Nintendo games yet not authorized by Nintendo itself. It is easily mistaken for a gamebook line, especially since one volume features text on the back cover written in the second person. Each book includes tips for the game it covers along with a list of recommended reading containing classic novels along the same lines as the adventure at hand. The American editions of the first six novels also include full-color punch-out trading cards on a cardboard sheet in the middle. A Junior Worlds of Power Novels series was released for younger readers.


1. Blaster Master
2. Metal Gear
3. Ninja Gaiden
4. Castlevania II: Simon's Quest
5. Wizards & Warriors
6. Bionic Commando
7. Infiltrator
8. Before Shadowgate

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