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Series - Battletech Novels

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Publishers: FASA -- United States
Penguin (Roc imprint) -- United States

The popular giant robot combat board game spawned a large number of non-interactive novels. The first of the books were released by FASA as unnumbered volumes; when Penguin's Roc imprint picked up the series a few years later, it started numbering and eventually integrated reprints of some earlier titles into its sequence. The books are listed on the site using Roc's numbering, not their original chronological release order. The unnumbered title below is a FASA release that was never picked up by Penguin. There were also two series (Mechwarrior Novels and Mechwarrior: Dark Age Novels) inspired by the Battletech-based computer and collectible miniatures games.


The Sword and the Dagger
1. Legend of the Jade Phoenix 1: Way of the Clans
2. Legend of the Jade Phoenix 2: Bloodname
3. Legend of the Jade Phoenix 3: Falcon Guard
4. Wolf Pack
5. Natural Selection
6. The Saga of the Gray Death Legion 1: Decision at Thunder Rift
7. The Saga of the Gray Death Legion 2: Mercenary's Star
8. The Saga of the Gray Death Legion 3: The Price of Glory
9. Ideal War
10. Main Event
11. Blood of Heroes
12. Assumption of Risk
13. Far Country
14. D. R. T.
15. Close Quarters
16. Bred for War
17. I Am Jade Falcon
18. Highlander Gambit
19. Tactics of Duty
20. Blood of Kerensky 1: Lethal Heritage
21. Blood of Kerensky 2: Blood Legacy
22. Blood of Kerensky 3: Lost Destiny
23. Star Lord
24. Malicious Intent
25. Wolves on the Border
26. Hearts of Chaos
27. Operation Excalibur
28. Heir to the Dragon
29. Black Dragon
30. Impetus of War
31. Double-Blind
32. Binding Force

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