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Publisher: TSR -- United States

Outside of their gamebook and game-inspired novel publishing, the creators of Dungeons & Dragons also published a variety of stand-alone novels and other items.


1. Starsong
2. St. John the Pursuer 1: Vampire in Moscow
3. Bimbos of the Death Sun
4. Red Sands
5. Illegal Aliens
6. The Jewels of Elvish
7. Monkey Station
8. The Eyes Have It
9. The Earth Remembers
10. Too, Too Solid Flesh
11. Dark Horse
12. Warsprite
13. Nightwatch
14. Outbanker
15. The Road West
16. The Alien Dark
17. Web of Futures
18. Sorcerer's Stone
19. The Falcon Rises
20. Token of Dragonsblood
21. The Cloud People
22. Lightning's Daughter
23. Thorn and Needle
24. Kingslayer
25. The Nine Gates
26. Half-Light
27. Valorian
28. Naked Came the Sasquatch
29. Book of Stones
30. Greenfire
31. Captains Outrageous: Or, For Doom the Bell Tolls

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