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Series - Dark Sun Novels

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Publisher: TSR -- United States
Category: Product Family : Dungeons & Dragons

These non-interactive novels are based on an AD&D campaign setting.


1. Prism Pentad 1: The Verdant Passage
2. Prism Pentad 2: The Crimson Legion
3. Prism Pentad 3: The Amber Enchantress
4. Prism Pentad 4: The Obsidian Oracle
5. Prism Pentad 5: The Cerulean Storm
6. Tribe of One 1: The Outcast
7. Tribe of One 2: The Seeker
8. Tribe of One 3: The Nomad
9. Chronicles of Athas 1: The Brazen Gambit
10. Chronicles of Athas 2: The Darkness Before Dawn
11. Chronicles of Athas 3: The Broken Blade
12. Chronicles of Athas 4: Cinnabar Shadows
13. Rise and Fall of a Dragon King

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