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Series - Ravenloft Novels

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Publisher: TSR -- United States

These non-interactive books are based on the horror setting for the AD&D role-playing game. Most form a numbered series of paperback novels, but there were a couple of I, Strahd novels (the first of which was a hardback) and one anthology released to supplement the main line.


Tales of Ravenloft


I, Strahd
I, Strahd: The War Against Azalin
1. Vampire of the Mists
2. Knight of the Black Rose
3. Dance of the Dead
4. Heart of Midnight
5. Tapestry of Dark Souls
6. Carnival of Fear
7. The Enemy Within
8. Mordenheim
9. Tower of Doom
10. Baroness of Blood
11. Death of a Darklord
12. Scholar of Decay
13. King of the Dead
14. To Sleep with Evil
15. Lord of the Necropolis
16. Shadowborn
17. Spectre of the Black Rose

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