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Publishers: Penguin -- United Kingdom
TSR -- United States
Wizards of the Coast -- United States
Category: Product Family : Dungeons & Dragons

These popular novels, based on an AD&D campaign setting, are non-interactive, though several AD&D Adventure Gamebooks tie in with them.


The Annotated Chronicles
The Annotated Legends
Chronicles Trilogy
Legends Trilogy


1. Chronicles 1: Dragons of Autumn Twilight
2. Chronicles 2: Dragons of Winter Night
3. Chronicles 3: Dragons of Spring Dawning
4. Legends 1: Time of the Twins
5. Legends 2: War of the Twins
6. Legends 3: Test of the Twins
7. Tales 1: The Magic of Krynn
8. Tales 2: Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes
9. Tales 3: Love and War
10. Heroes 1: The Legend of Huma
11. Heroes 2: Stormblade
12. Heroes 3: Weasel's Luck
13. Preludes 1: Darkness and Light
14. Preludes 2: Kendermore
15. Preludes 3: Brothers Majere
16. Preludes II 1: Riverwind the Plainsman
17. Heroes II 1: Kaz the Minotaur
18. Preludes II 2: Flint the King
19. Heroes II 2: The Gates of Thorbardin
20. Preludes II 3: Tanis, the Shadow Years
21. Heroes II 3: Galen Benighted
22. Elven Nations Trilogy 1: Firstborn
23. Meetings Sextet 1: Kindred Spirits
24. Elven Nations Trilogy 2: The Kinslayer Wars
25. Meetings Sextet 2: Wanderlust
26. Elven Nations Trilogy 3: The Qualinesti
27. Meetings Sextet 3: Dark Heart
28. Tales II 1: The Reign of Istar
29. Meetings Sextet 4: The Oath and the Measure
30. Tales II 2: The Cataclysm
31. Meetings Sextet 5: Steel and Stone
32. Tales II 3: The War of the Lance
33. Meetings Sextet 6: The Companions
34. Dwarven Nations Trilogy 1: The Covenant of the Forge
35. Villains Series 1: Before the Mask
36. Dwarven Nations Trilogy 2: Hammer and Axe
37. Villains Series 2: The Black Wing
38. Villains Series 3: Emperor of Ansalon
39. Dwarven Nations Trilogy 3: The Swordsheath Scroll
40. Villains Series 4: Hederick the Theocrat
41. The Second Generation
42. The Dragons of Krynn
43. Defenders of Magic Trilogy 1: Night of the Eye
44. Villains Series 5: Lord Toede
45. Defenders of Magic Trilogy 2: Medusa Plague
46. Villains Series 6: The Dark Queen
47. Lost Histories 1: The Kagonesti
48. Warriors 1: Knights of the Crown
49. Lost Histories 2: The Irda
50. Warriors 2: Maquesta Kar-Thon
51. Defenders of Magic Trilogy 3: The Seventh Sentinel
52. Lost Histories 3: The Dargonesti
53. Chronicles 4: Dragons of Summer Flame
54. Warriors 3: Knights of the Sword
55. Lost Histories 4: Land of the Minotaurs
56. Warriors 4: Theros Ironfeld
57. The Dragons at War
58. Lost Histories 5: The Gully Dwarves
59. Classics 1: Murder in Tarsis
60. Warriors 5: Knights of the Rose
61. Dragons of a New Age 1: The Dawning of a New Age
62. Kang's Regiment 1: The Doom Brigade
63. Lost Histories 6: The Dragons
64. Warriors 6: Lord Soth
65. Warriors 7: The Wayward Knights
66. Dragons of a New Age 2: The Day of the Tempest
67. Lost Legends 1: Vinas Solamnus
68. Lost Legends 2 / Lost Gods Series 2: Fistandantilus Reborn
69. The Dragons of Chaos
70. Raistlin Chronicles 1: The Soulforge
71. Dragons of a New Age 3: The Eye of the Maelstrom
72. Tales of Uncle Trapspringer
73. Tales of the Fifth Age 1: Relics and Omens
74. Chaos War 1: The Last Thane
75. Bridges of Time 1: Spirit of the Wind
76. Chaos War 2: Tears of the Night Sky
77. Bridges of Time 2: Legacy of Steel
78. Bridges of Time 3: The Silver Stair
79. Chaos War 3: The Puppet King
80. Bridges of Time 4: The Rose and the Skull
81. Chaos War 4: Reavers of the Blood Sea
82. Bridges of Time 5: Dezra's Quest
83. Tales of the Fifth Age 2: Heroes and Fools
84. Raistlin Chronicles 2: Brothers in Arms
85. Reader's Companion: The Odyssey of Gilthanas
86. Chaos War 5: The Siege of Mount Nevermind
87. Classics 2: Dalamar the Dark
88. The Best of Tales
89. War of Souls 1: Dragons of a Fallen Sun
90. Tales of the Fifth Age 3: Rebels and Tyrants
91. Dhamon Saga 1: Downfall
92. Crossroads 1: The Clandestine Circle
93. Classics 3: The Citadel
94. Barbarians Cycle 1: Children of the Plains
95. Kang's Regiment 2: Draconian Measures
96. War of Souls 2: Dragons of a Lost Star


Kitiara's Son
The Legacy
The Sacrifice
The Silken Threads
"Wanna Bet?"


Dream of the Namer
Riverwind and the Crystal Staff
Seven Hymns of the Dragon
Six Songs for the Temple of Istar
The Word and the Silence

Reference Books

The Art of the Dragonlance Saga
The Atlas of the Dragonlance World
Bertrem's Guide to the Age of Mortals: Everyday Life in Krynn of the Fifth Age
Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls, Volume 1
Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls, Volume 2
The History of Dragonlance
Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home
More Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home

Short Stories

And Baby Makes Three
Aurora's Eggs
The Bargain Driver
The Best
The Blood Sea Monster
By the Measure
Clockwork Hero
The Cobbler's Son
Colors of Belief
Dead on Target
Definitions of Honor
Dragon Breath
A Dragon to the Core
The Dragon's Eye
The Dragon's Well
Dreams of Darkness, Dreams of Light
Easy Pickings
Even Dragon Blood
The Exiles
Eyes of Chaos
Filling the Empty Places
The Final Touch
Finding the Faith
The First Dragonarmy Bridging Company
The First Dragonarmy Engineer's Secret Weapon
The First Gully Dwarf Resistance
Fool's Gold
From the Yearning for War and the War's Ending
Glory Descending
The Goblin's Wish
A Good Knight's Tale
The Hand that Feeds
Heart of Goldmoon
Hearth Cat and Winter Wren
Hide and Go Seek
The High Priest of Halcyon
Honor is All
The Hunt
Hunting Destiny
Into Shadow, Into Light
Into the Heart of the Story
Into the Light
Kaz and the Dragon's Children
Kender Stew
Lessons of the Land
Lord Toede's Disastrous Hunt
Love and Ale
A Lull in the Battle
The Magnificent Two
Mark of the Flame, Mark of the Word
Master Tall and Master Small
The Middle of Nowhere
Nature of the Beast
Night of Falling Stars
The Night Wolf
No Gods, No Heroes
The Noble Folly
Off Day
Ogre Unaware
A Painter's Vision
People of the Dragon
The Potion Sellers
The Promised Place
Proper Tribute
Raistlin and the Knight of Solamnia
Raistlin's Daughter
Scourge of the Wicked Kendragon
A Shaggy Dog's Tail
Silver and Steel
The Son of Huma
The Star-Shard
A Stone's Throw Away
The Story that Tasselhoff Promised He Would Never, Ever, Ever Tell
The Storyteller
Tavern Tales
The Test of the Twins
There is Another Shore, You Know, Upon the Other Side
The Three Lives of Horgan Oxthrall
Through the Door at the Top of the Sky
True Knight
Vingaard Campaign
The Voyage of the Sunchaser
War Machines
Wayward Children
The Wizard's Spectacles

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