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Series - TutorText: Doubleday Series

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Publishers: Doubleday -- United States
English Universities Press -- United Kingdom
Macdonald -- United Kingdom
Categories: Complexity Level : Basic (No Game System)
Format : Hardback
Genre : Programmed Instruction
Target Age Group : Adults
Translated Into: TutorText (French)

This pioneering series of interactive books used a gamebook-style format to teach a wide variety of subjects to a mainstream audience. All of the titles listed here were published by Doubleday, and selected titles were reissued by various British publishers. More obscure and specialized subjects were covered by the TutorText: Educational Science Division Series.


1. The Arithmetic of Computers
2. Adventures in Algebra
3. The Elements of Bridge
4. Introduction to Electronics
5. Practical Law: A Course in Everyday Contracts
6. Trigonometry: A Practical Course
7. Basic Computer Programming
8. The Meaning of Modern Poetry
9. Parliamentary Procedure
10. Practical Mathematics
11. Proper Punctuation
12. The Slide Rule
13. Your Life Insurance
14. Advanced Bidding
15. Effective Executive Practices
16. Effective Writing
17. Fractions: A Basic Course in Arithmetic
18. Fundamentals of Electricity
19. The American Constitution
20. Better Business Organization
21. Computer Programming Techniques
22. Decimals and Percentage
23. Electron Tubes at Work
24. Understanding Shakespeare: Macbeth
25. The Art of Delegating
26. Business Letter Writing
27. Understanding Stocks
28. Chemistry
29. Essentials of Music
30. Introduction to Genetics
31. Fundamentals of Transistors
32. The Game of Chess

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