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Series - Infocom Novels

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Publisher: Avon Books -- United States

This series of non-interactive novels consists of adaptations of classic text adventure computer games.


1. Planetfall
2. Wishbringer
3. Enchanter
4. Stationfall
5. The Zork Chronicles
6. The Lost City of Zork
7. Futurefall

User Comments

The Infocom novels are interesting, but none of them really stand out as exceptional pieces of fiction. In order to appeal to veterans of the popular text computer games, the writers tried to add subplots to the various stories without changing the game's plotline too radically. Unfortunately, in many cases they fail to make these subplots particularly compelling, resulting in the reader feeling something of a let-down.

It makes for an interesting thought-experiment to imagine that Infocom had published a series of interactive gamebooks based on its popular properties. They could have been good reads with a strong nostalgia element, and might have helped the company weather the rise of the graphics-heavy computer games; perhaps they might have continued past 1989.


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