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Series - Pokémon Chapter Books

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Publisher: Scholastic -- United States

These non-interactive novels are based on the video game series (and its associated television spin-off).


1. I Choose You!
2. Island of the Giant Pokémon
3. Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon
4. Night in the Haunted Tower
5. Team Rocket Blasts Off!
6. Charizard, Go!
7. Splashdown in Cerulean City
8. Return of the Squirtle Squad
9. Journey to the Orange Islands
10. Secret of the Pink Pokémon
11. The Four Star Challenge
12. Scyther, Heart of a Champion
13. Race to Danger
14. Talent Showdown
15. Psyduck Ducks Out
16. Thundershock in Pummelo Stadium
17. Go West, Young Ash
18. Ash Ketchum, Pokémon Detective
19. Prepare for Trouble
20. Battle for the Zephyr Badge
21. The Chikorita Challenge
22. All Fired Up
23. Ash to the Rescue
24. Secrets of the GS Ball
25. Prize Pokémon
26. Teaming Up with Totodile
27. Tough Enough
28. Winner Takes All

User Comments

Whereas these are NOT gamebooks, and as such it is difficult to write gamebook-related reviews for them due to their non-interactive status (at least for the sake of this site), I certainly recall seeing them often at my local library in the same section as the gamebooks; it's clear early on that each episodic adventure is a relatively faithful adaptation of a classic Pokémon anime episode, and as such one would be pleased to see how such material could be handled in the hands of a writer. While none of these books are particularly excellent, it's still easy to appreciate what these titles have to offer - not to mention the melancholic, cheeky humor that the books manage to preserve so lovingly. These books are definitely well-tailored to their audience demographic... yet I can't help but wonder whether a bit more ambition (and/or creative liberty) could've let these anime tie-ins become something greater than... well, a tie-in. Even so, there's a unique kind of historic value these books have - and something that everyone will appreciate about these unambitious children's chapter books.


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