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Series - Ral Partha Miniatures

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Publisher: Ral Partha -- United States

Several miniatures from this company inspired early books in the Lost Worlds series.


Barbarian with Two-handed Sword
Cold Drake
Dwarf in Chainmail with Two-handed Ax
Fighter Mage with Magic Sword
Giant Goblin with Mace and Shield
Halfling with Sword and Shield
Hill Troll with Club
Lizard Man with Scimitar and Buckler
Man in Chainmail with Sword and Shield
Man in Plate with Sword and Shield
Man with Short Sword and Dagger
Ninja with Ninjato
Samurai with Katana
Skeleton with Scimitar and Shield
Winged Gargoyle with Scimitar
Woman in Scale with Sword and Shield
Woman with Quarterstaff
Wraith with Sickle

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