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Publishers: Boxtree -- United Kingdom
Games Workshop -- United Kingdom

This series of non-interactive novels based on the science fiction miniatures game includes some work by gamebook veterans.


Dark Imperium
The Inquisition War
Into the Maelstrom
Status: Deadzone


Angels of Darkness
Battlefleet Gothic 1: Execution Hour
Battlefleet Gothic 2: Shadow Point
Daemon World
Eisenhorn Trilogy 1: Xenos
Eisenhorn Trilogy 2: Malleus
Eisenhorn Trilogy 3: Hereticus
Eldar: Farseer
Eye of Terror
Gaunt's Ghosts 1: First and Only
Gaunt's Ghosts 2: Ghostmaker
Gaunt's Ghosts 3: Necropolis
Gaunt's Ghosts 4: Honour Guard
Gaunt's Ghosts 5: The Guns of Tanith
Gaunt's Ghosts 6: Straight Silver
Gaunt's Ghosts 7: Sabbat Martyr
Gaunt's Ghosts 8: Traitor General
Gaunt's Ghosts 9: His Last Command
Grey Knights
The Inquisition War Trilogy 1: Inquisitor
The Inquisition War Trilogy 2: Harlequin
The Inquisition War Trilogy 3: Chaos Child
Last Chancers 1: 13th Legion
Last Chancers 2: Kill Team
Last Chancers 3: Annihilation Squad
Pawns of Chaos
Soul Drinkers 1: Soul Drinker
Soul Drinkers 2: The Bleeding Chalice
Soul Drinkers 3: Crimson Tears
Space Marine
Space Wolf 1: Space Wolf
Space Wolf 2: Ragnar's Claw
Space Wolf 3: Grey Hunter
Space Wolf 4: Wolfblade
Ultramarines 1: Nightbringer
Ultramarines 2: Warriors of Ultramarr
Ultramarines 3: Dead Sky, Black Sun

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