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Series - Dasshutsu gemubukku [脱出ゲームブック]

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Alternate Title: Escape Gamebooks (literal English translation of title)
Category: Game System : Escape-Room-Inspired
Translated Into: Rieol talchulbuk [리얼 탈출북] (Korean)

This series adapts the escape room experience to the gamebook format.


1. Jinrō mura kara no dasshutsu ōkami wo mitsukenai to, korosareru [人狼村からの脱出 狼を見つけないと、殺される]
2. Futago shima kara no dasshutsu shōnen wa modoritai to omotta [ ふたご島からの脱出 少年は戻りたいと思った]

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