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Series - Choose Cthulhu (English)

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Publisher: Ediciones Idea -- Spain
Categories: Complexity Level : Basic (No Game System)
Genre : Horror
Translated From: Choose Cthulhu (Spanish)


The Call of Cthulhu HE
1. The Call of Cthulhu
2. At the Mountains of Madness
3. The Shadow over Innsmouth
4. The Nameless City
5. The Dunwich Horror
6. The Dreams in the Witch House
7. The Arkham Madhouse
8. The Colour out of Space
9. The Festival
10. The Whisperer in Darkness
11. The Haunter of the Dark
12. The Thing on the Doorstep
13. The Shadow out of Time
14. The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

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Escape from R'Lyeh

User Comments

This is a very good series/franchise.

Do not underestimate the books for the "lack of game system", or for that matter the length, because they might not have stats, but they have puzzles, equipment-use, and many other features integrated to various books - the series generally gets more complex by advancing in the series. Heck, one book (The Dreams in the Witch House) actually DOES have stats in it, and very appropriately it is a kind of madness-counter.

The length also might be a topic, but these books are well-designed. It's not your average "find the One True Way" Fighting Fantasy cliché, instead there are various ways to reach various endings; the better books I consider entirely true roleplaying. It is fascinating what replayability you can pull out of just 100 paragraphs!

The customer-service/contact is very friendly and helpful, so more points for them. Also, the merchandise is actually good too if you participated in the Kickstarter campaigns, or get some directly from the shop.

On their second crowdfunding on the Kickstarter page they gave out some free samples from the first series in both English and Spanish (different titles for the two languages), even some audio-books (Spanish only), so grab your sample, and spread the Call (of Cthulhu)!


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