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Series People - Warhammer Fantasy Fiction

Abnett, Dan

Gilead's Blood
Hammers of Ulric
Knights Panther: Riders of the Dead

Bonner, Paul

Wolf Riders

Castle, Ralph T.

Cry of the Beast

Craig, Brian

The Phantom of Yremy
The Tales of Orfeo 1: Zaragoz
The Tales of Orfeo 2: Plague Daemon
The Tales of Orfeo 3: Storm Warriors
The Way of the Witchfinder
The Wine of Dreams

Ferring, David

The Konrad Trilogy 1: Konrad
The Konrad Trilogy 2: Shadowbreed
The Konrad Trilogy 3: Warblade

Gallagher, David (Dave)

Wolf Riders

Garratt, Pete

The Hammer of the Stars

Goodwin, Jes

Wolf Riders

Grace, Gerry

Wolf Riders

Green, Jonathan

The Dead and the Damned

Hanford, Martin

The Vampire Genevieve 3: Beasts in Velvet

Hough, Tony

Wolf Riders

King, William

Gotrek & Felix 1: Trollslayer
Gotrek & Felix 2: Skavenslayer
Gotrek & Felix 3: Daemonslayer
Gotrek & Felix 4: Dragonslayer
Gotrek & Felix 5: Beastslayer
Gotrek & Felix 6: Vampireslayer
Gotrek & Felix 7: Giantslayer
Wolf Riders

Langley, Clint

The Tales of Orfeo 1: Zaragoz

McIntosh, Neil

Star of Erengrad

McKenna, Martin

Wolf Riders

Miller, Ian

Wolf Riders

Mitchell, Sandy

The Tilean Rat

Ounsley, Simon

Pulg's Grand Carnival

Perrott, Martin

Wolf Riders

Pringle, David

Wolf Riders

Rennie, Gordon


Ridgeway, John

Wolf Riders

Sibbick, John

Wolf Riders

Thorpe, Gav

Slaves to Darkness Trilogy 1: The Claws of Chaos
Slaves to Darkness Trilogy 2: The Blades of Chaos
Slaves to Darkness Trilogy 3: The Heart of Chaos

Vincent, Nik

Gilead's Blood

Werner, C. L.

Brunner the Bounty Hunter 1: Blood Money
Brunner the Bounty Hunter 2: Blood and Steel
Brunner the Bounty Hunter 3: Blood of the Dragon

Yeovil, Jack

No Gold in the Grey Mountains
The Vampire Genevieve 1: Drachenfels
The Vampire Genevieve 2: Genevieve Undead
The Vampire Genevieve 3: Beasts in Velvet
The Vampire Genevieve: Silver Nails