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Series - Can You Brexit? Without Breaking Britain

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Publisher: Spark Furnace
Categories: Complexity Level : Intermediate (Some Game Elements)
Format : Paperback
Genre : Humor
Genre : Political
Product Family : You Choose
Target Age Group : Adults


Can You Brexit? Without Breaking Britain

User Comments

Without a doubt bearing an eye-catching title despite the pathetically minimalistic cover, this standalone later showing of Morris and Thomson is, in theory, a gamebook with limited potential for exploring the ever-complicated socioploticial geography of the Brexit scenario it toys with. Theory doesn't necessarily cross over into practice, however: "Can You Brexit Without Breaking Britain" is a complete disaster from start to finish. Alas, from tragically poor developmental decisions to the poor relaying of events, there are weaknesses all around - readers are given little to work with and even less to understand about this fictional take on a Brexit-like scenario while acting as a supposed British Prime Minister. Nothing about the story remotely resembles reality, however - this is a shameful, hollow take on its subject matter that never offers either insight or parodic humor for readers, fails to illicit meaningful responses, and even fails to illustrate how it wants readers to interact with it. Because this blunder of a book is more becoming than the shallow pop culture references it frequents, it is impossible to recommend this book in any sense.


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