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Series - Usborne Young Puzzles

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Alternate Title: Usborne Young Puzzle Books
Publisher: Usborne -- United Kingdom

This series started out as "Usborne Young Puzzle Books" but eventually changed to "Usborne Young Puzzles." At least some titles first printed under the original title have been reprinted under the newer, shorter banner.

Puzzle Books

1. Puzzle Island
2. Puzzle Town
3. Puzzle Farm
4. Puzzle Castle
5. Puzzle Planet
6. Puzzle Mountain
7. Puzzle Dungeon
8. Puzzle Jungle
9. Puzzle Train
10. Puzzle Ocean
11. Puzzle School
12. Puzzle Holiday
13. Puzzle Journey Through Time
14. Puzzle Journey Into Space
15. Puzzle Journey Around the World
16. Puzzle Journey Under the Sea
17. Puzzle Car Race
18. Puzzle Pyramid
19. Puzzle Balloon Race
20. Puzzle Palace
21. Puzzle Pirates
22. Puzzle Dinosaurs

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