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Series - Knightmare TeleText Adventures

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These adventures were made available via Channel 4's now defunct TeleText interactive service in the UK. FastText buttons in four colours on your TV remote control corresponded to choices on screen allowing you to navigate through the adventures. Each adventure was only available to play for a 24 hour period, after which the TeleText pages they used were rewritten for other uses, normally an on-screen daily quiz called Bamboozle.

In 2017 a VHS cassette was found containing a programme that was recorded from UK TV on the day that one of the adventures was originally available (22nd December 1993). The screen images were lifted from the recorded material and converted to html stored in a web archive. From the full day's archived material, the adventure pages were retrieved, any on-screen character corruptions corrected, and the full reconstructed adventure was made available for online play here:

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Eagle Quest
To the Ice Palace of Aesandre

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