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Series - The Art of Lone Wolf

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Publisher: Greywood Publishing -- United Kingdom
Categories: Format : Hardback
Format : Paperback
Product Family : Lone Wolf

The Art of Lone Wolf features all of Gary Chalk's artwork from the original Lone Wolf books numbers 1 to 8. Artwork from the spin-off series Autumn Snow is also included. Almost 200 pieces of black and white line work have been restored to look like new in this coffee table book available in both paperback and hardback format.

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The Art of Lone Wolf

User Comments

I've always considered the artwork the weakest part of the Lone Wolf series, and that the series succeeded in spite of the poor art quality. So I was surprised to find this exists. But I guess tastes differ. Safe to say, I won't add this to my collection.


Arguably standing as the single worst gamebook tie-in material to have ever come into existence, "The Art of Lone Wolf" is a book which truly never should've been made. The "art", which has been universally considered the biggest turn-away of Joe Dever's original "Lone Wolf" books, is presumably already (unwillingly) already owned by virtually all of its intended audience, and the book - despite claiming to have remastered said sketchings - is anything but well-presented. There are countless formatting and presentation errors, bad design choices and a complete disregard for artistically presenting these pre-existing drawings. One might think it to be highly foolish and amateur to so carelessly put together what is supposed to be an art book, and it is - but the result is so depressing that it leaves readers more disgusted with the pompous arrogance of the author/producer than anything. Without a doubt, no one should consider investing a single cent on this waste of good paper; this is, again, one of the most unnecessary rip-offs ever produced for any series and an absolutely unnecessary cash-in on the series to which it was a hindrance. Avoid at all costs.


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