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Series - Fighting Fantasy Licensed Merchandise

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Publishers: Clarecraft -- United Kingdom
Otherworld Miniatures -- United Kingdom
Penguin -- United Kingdom
Wizard Books -- United Kingdom
Category: Product Family : Fighting Fantasy

A number of items of official merchandise associated with the Fighting Fantasy series has been produced over the years, some of which has become very collectible due to it being released in relatively small numbers and/or the amount of it that has survived over the years (especially in perfect or complete condition.)

The Ornament series was produced by Clarecraft in 1992 and all were sculpted by Leigh Pamment, except items JL07 and JL11 which were sculpted by John Goadby. The Hydra figure (JL12) was never actually produced due to the complexity of its shape. In line with Wizard Books' 2004 relaunch of the series, ten of the Clarecraft figures were again produced - JL2 was not re-issued due to its sheer size and pricetag and JL13 could not be re-issued as it included the Puffin Books logo.

Wizard also produced a 2004 Calendar featuring the revised cover artwork from that series.

The Quest Pack is very difficult to find complete as many were put into use meaning the pencils/dice/Adventure Sheets were used or lost, plus the badges were prone to rusting and the iron-on transfers often decayed over time.

A Fighting Fantasy Poster Book of cover art and two Games Workshop Jigsaws of FF cover art were also produced.

A further series of figurines cast in resin (including the Bloodbeast, Shapechanger, and Devourer) were advertised in September 2014 and a Kickstarter campaign was succesful, but no product has yet seen the light of day.

To coincide with the Fighting Fantasy Fest event on 7th September 2014 in London, Otherworld Miniatures produced a metal mini-figure of Zagor in a Limited Edition of 1,000. In a similar vein, in the mid-1980s, Citadel Miniatures produced a Limited Edition "Warlock" figure based on John Blanche's cover image from issue 10 of Warlock magazine, itself a re-working of a reader's competition-winning entry to draw the titular Warlock that gave the magazine its name. In early-2017 French publisher Scriptarium produced a limited run of 200 resin miniatures of Yaztromo.

Merchandise Items

Deathtrap Dungeon Card Game
Fighting Fantasy 2004 Calendar
Fighting Fantasy Fest Adventurer's Pack
Fighting Fantasy Ornament JL01 - The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
Fighting Fantasy Ornament JL02 - Titan Dragon
Fighting Fantasy Ornament JL03 - Zhandar Marr The Undead Sorcerer
Fighting Fantasy Ornament JL04 - The Snow Witch
Fighting Fantasy Ornament JL05 - The Shape Changer
Fighting Fantasy Ornament JL06 - Doragar
Fighting Fantasy Ornament JL07 - Gillibran Lord Of The Dwarfs
Fighting Fantasy Ornament JL08 - The Minotaur
Fighting Fantasy Ornament JL09 - Hell Demon
Fighting Fantasy Ornament JL10 - The Ghoul
Fighting Fantasy Ornament JL11 - The Skull Bearer
Fighting Fantasy Ornament JL12 - Hydra
Fighting Fantasy Ornament JL13 - Fighting Fantasy Statue Plaque/Bookend
Wizard Books Fighting Fantasy Logo Pin-badge


FF01 Zagor
LE15 Warlock
SCR07 Yaztromo

Play Aids

Fighting Fantasy Quest Pack

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