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Publishers: SPI -- United States
TSR -- United States

This gaming magazine included a complete fantasy or science fiction game in each issue, some featuring gamebook-like elements. Several Ares offerings were later republished as stand-alone boxed games. The series included two adventures of the spaceship B.S.M. Pandora; the first of these, The Wreck of the B.S.M. Pandora, contained no gamebook elements (and thus is not listed here), but the second included text paragraphs providing a narrative for the game.

Ares was eventually absorbed into Dragon Magazine after SPI was purchased by TSR.


Games (January, 1982)
You Against the System: The SF Expansion and Solitaire Gaming

Board Games

Damocles Mission
Return of the Stainless Steel Rat
Voyage of the B.S.M. Pandora


6. Ares #6
10. Ares #10
11. Ares #11
12. Ares #12
13. Ares #13 (Winter, 1983)

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