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Series - Choose Your Own Adventure

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Publishers: Aserar danesh [اسرار دانش] -- Iran
Elemy [علمي] -- Iran
Gul afetab [گل آفتاب] -- Iran
Ta 14 [تا ١٤] -- Iran
Translated From: Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998) (English)

Some of these translations appear to be derived from German translations rather than the English originals.


Agur bh yek heywela tebdeyl shewy [اگر به يك هيولا تبديل شوي]
Hakem a'emaq zemyen [حاكم اعماق زمين]
Jezyerh 1000 hezar khetr [جزيره ١٠٠٠ هزار خطر]
Sefr mheyj bh seyah chealh [سفر مهيج به سياه چاله]

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