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Series - Race Against Time Novels (US)

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Publisher: Dell -- United States

These books are not interactive, but they were marketed to the same audience as the gamebooks of their era. This marketing was so effective that some of them were even reviewed in a column of School Library Journal devoted specifically to interactive books! Please do not be confused: this entry is not here to encourage gamebook fans to buy these books; it exists solely to emphasize the fact that they are not gamebooks. The order of publication in the US and UK differed slightly.


1. Revenge in the Silent Tomb
2. Escape from Raven Castle
3. Pursuit of the Deadly Diamonds
4. Search for Mad Jack's Crown
5. Duel for the Samurai Sword
6. Evil in Paradise
7. The Secret of the Third Watch
8. Trapped in the U.S.S.R.
9. Journey to Atlantis
10. Danger: Due North

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