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Publisher: Tin Man Games -- Australia
Categories: Complexity Level : Advanced (Full Game System)
Format : eBook
Game System : Combat
Game System : Randomization Method : Dice
Genre : Adventure
Genre : Science Fiction
Target Age Group : Adults
Target Age Group : Older Children
Target Age Group : Teenagers
Writing Style : Present Tense
Writing Style : Second Person
Translated From: Gamebook Adventures (French)

Digital gamebooks with a classic RPG gamebook flavour. This series follows a sequence of apps (known as GA1-GA12) that constitute the Orlandes-Drymar-Rema cycle, some of the later entries being sequels to earlier ones. A stand-alone Sci-Fi entry (Infinite Universe) was also released, but without a sequential number to differentiate it from the Orlandes cycle. All Tin Man's apps include artwork, animated dice mechanics, stat-based systems, and a fun feature that allows the player to collect various Achievements (some which involve having to lose or follow the incorrect path) to increase re-playability once the game has been beaten in the traditional gamebook sense. Some also feature full-colour maps, biographical material, and other "extra features". The system itself is based around four primary stats (although a few of the apps add unique attributes too), these being Offence ranging from 1-6 (the better the weapon the higher this is, up to maximum score of 6), Defence (works the same as Offence but based on stronger armour), Fitness (generated by rolling 1d6 and add 6), and Vitality. Vitality is your life-force (eat or rest and it rises, get wounded and it drops with 0 usually meaning death), Fitness is a mixture of physical skill and personal fortune. Combat involves rolling as many D6s as the attacker has Offence points, countered by rolling as many D6s as the defender has Defence points. Naturally this can make some combats aginst strong (or well-armed/defended) foes very one-sided. Even more damaging is wounding - if a character is wounded they take as much Vitality damage as the total of all the succesful attacker's dice in that given roll ie it is possible to do 6 x 6 (36) Vitality points of damage which will kill most opponents instantly! Similarly, instant deaths (or at the very least, negative outcomes) can result from failing Fitness tests which involve rolling 2D6 and getting a number less than your Fitness. Roll equal to or above and you fail the test. Overall, the early stages of these apps can be quite tough, although they tend to get easier as your character gets better weapons and armour. Official web page:

Digital Gamebooks

GA Compendium 1-3
GA Compendium 4-6
Infinite Universe
1. An Assassin in Orlandes
2. The Siege of the Necromancer
3. Slaves of Rema
4. Revenant Rising
5. Catacombs of the Undercity
6. The Wizard from Tarnath Tor
7. Temple of the Spider God
8. Curse of the Assassin
9. Sultans of Rema
10. Lords of Nurroth
11. Songs of the Mystics
12. Asuria Awakens

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