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Series - The Bytes Brothers

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Alternate Titles: Solve-It-Yourself Computer Mysteries
Solve-It-Yourself Computer Mystery
Publisher: Bantam -- United States
Categories: Format : Paperback
Genre : Mystery
Target Age Group : Older Children
Writing Style : Past Tense
Writing Style : Third Person

Sort of a cross between Encyclopedia Brown and Micro Adventure, each volume in this series contains several short mysteries. The user must read carefully and run very simple BASIC computer programs in order to guess the solutions.

Guess-the-Ending Books

1. The Bytes Brothers Input an Investigation
2. The Bytes Brothers Program a Problem
3. The Bytes Brothers Enter the Evidence
4. The Bytes Brothers Compute a Clue
5. The Bytes Brothers Record a Wrongdoing
6. The Bytes Brothers Goto a Getaway

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