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Series - Kimi nara dou suru? [きみならどうする?]

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Alternate Title: If It Were You, What Would You Do? (literal English translation of title)
Publisher: Gakushuu Kenykuusha [学習研究社] -- Japan
Translated From: Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998) (English)

This is the first series containing Japanese translations of Choose Your Own Adventure Books. It was followed by Adobenchaa Bukkusu [アドベンチャーブックス]


1. Taimu tanneru no bouken [タイムトンネルの冒険]
2. Kaitei toshi no boken [海底都市の冒険]
3. Sahara Sabaku kikyuu ryokou [サハラさばく気球旅行]
4. Dai uchuu no boken [大宇宙の冒険]
5. Yuurei yashiki no tanken [ゆうれい屋敷の探検]
6. Supai taisakusen [スパイ大作戦]

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