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Series - You Are the Coach

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Alternate Titles: It's Your Team
You Are the Manager
Publishers: Dell (Laurel Leaf imprint) -- United States
Lerner Publications Company -- United States

These books describe real sports scenarios from the past and present multiple options for the reader to choose from. After the reader makes a choice, the actual outcome of the historical game is described. The reader's goal is simply to guess what actually happened; hypothetical outcomes of the other possibilities are not described. Since the reader's choices have no impact on the flow of the books, the series is more closely related to the "solve it yourself" mystery genre than to even the most minimally interactive gamebooks.

The books are only loosely grouped as a series -- while they all have the same format, the series title varies from book to book ("You Are the Coach," "You Are the Manager," "It's Your Team").

The series was first published in hardback by Lerner, then reprinted in paperback by Dell.

Guess-the-Ending Books

1. You Are the Coach: Basketball
2. You Are the Coach: Football
3. You Are the Manager: Baseball
4. You Are the Coach: Hockey
5. You Are the Coach: College Basketball
6. You Are the Coach: College Football
7. It's Your Team: Football
8. It's Your Team: Baseball

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