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Series People - Fighting Fantasy: Amateur Adventures

Abbondanza, Gaetano

House of Horror
Papagayo Island

Ai, Ulysses

Contractual Obligation
The Dead World
The Diamond Key
The Golden Crate
The Hypertrout
Island of the Soulless
The Island of the Tyrant
Planet of the Spiders
Return to G15-275
Sapphire Atoll
Tales from the Bird Islands
Wrong Way Go Back

Badowski, Tammy

The Crimson Ark
The Dark Lord
Deathtrap Raider
Dragon's Bane
Eddie in The Bellcrest Artefact
Escape Neuburg Keep
From the Shadows
Grim Holiday
Grim Holiday 2
Groovy Mortals
Lovelorn Orc
The Loyal Servant
The Manor on Crimson Hill
Midnight Rogue II
The Sleeping Dragon
Ticket to Blacksand
Titan City: Nemesis
Under the Titan Sun
The Warrior Chain
Xshanaar Assassin

Ballingall, Alexander

The Manor on Crimson Hill

Beamish, Sarah

Terror in Silverton

Bedford, Chris

Castle of Terror

Bell, S J

The Evil Eye

Bennett, Tom

Out of Time

Beuden, Ken

Deathtrap Dungeon 3

Biddlecombe, Sam

The Un-united Kingdom

Blanckenberg, Neil

The Key Bearer

Brida, Dan

Village of Evermas

Carango, Zachary

Call of the Sirens
Stalking the Snow Beast

Challice, Christopher

The Blackthorne Ogre

Cheng, Victor

From the Shadows
In the Footsteps of a Hero
Kill the Beast

Churchill, John

Passages of Peril

Clancy, Aaron

The Beggar from Blacksand

Coghlan, Kieran

Feathers of the Phoenix
Hunger of the Wolf
A Midwinter Carol
Sanctuary of Souls
To Catch a Thief
Treasures of the Briny Deep
The Word Fell Silent

Corgan, William

Escape from Phrodite

Davies, Chris

Madman's Dash

Douglas, Robert

Any Port in a Storm
Below Zero Point
The Curse of Drumer
Nye's Song
Prison of Pestilence
Snakeland Scorpion

Drake, Alfred


Duff, Ramsay

The Enriyes
Nightmare Castle: Rise of Skarlos
The Wrath of Cain

Dundas, Alex

Catastrophe in the Artic

Dutton, Craig

The Curse of Blackwood Manor
The Orb of Souls

Edwards, Les

Deathtrap Dungeon 3

Eldred-Grigg, Hugh

Midnight Deep
Plains of Peril
Shadows of Steel

Evans, Daniel

Rule of the Zombies

Evans, Richard

A Flame in the North
Nen-Tai Island
A Shadow in the North
Storm Petrel Island

Fiander, Daniel

Deathtrap Dungeon 3

Frost, Sophie

The Roar of the Dragon

Frost, Tez

The Roar of the Dragon

Fryer, Jon

Bandit Sorcerer

Gale, Andrew

Champion of Doom
Claw of the Fleshless King

Garvey, Shane

Destroyer of Worlds

Gill, Cian

Bloodsworth Bayou

Goodall, Thomas

Massacre City

Hall, Margaret

The Hostel of Doom

Hartland, Michael

State of Mind

Hed, Sagi

Realm of the Vampire

Henseleit, Jack

Christmas in Hell

Holt, David (Dave)

Madman's Dash
Shores of the Griffons

Horton, Rob

Escape from Oblivion

Howe, Andrew

The Magic Gatherer

Jenkins, George

Termination Trials

Jolley, Edward T.

From the Shadows
The Sanguine Wave
Yellow Snow

Jubb, Jack

Realm of the Kracken

Kawano, R M

Destroyer of Worlds

King, Peter

Hold of the Heartless

Knight, Martyn

Return of the Centaurs

Krahne, Justin

Son of the Shadows

Lain, Mark

Honour and Glory
Legacy of the Vampire
Sukumvit's Grotto
Venom of Vortan

Lloyd, Stuart

Bakland Battlegrounds
Bane of Silverton
Forest of Chaos
In the Name of Love
Left For Dead
The Manor on Crimson Hill
The Presence of a Hero
Sharkbait's Revenge
Simonius' Challenge
Survivor's Struggle
Ten Short Fighting Fantasy Books and One Long One
Tomb of the Ancients
The Triad of Skulls
War of Deities - Part One

Loftiss, Sean

The Wicker Hamper

Luepkes, Jerome

The Fall of Blacksand

MacNaughton, Laurence

Sword of the Fallen

Marquotte, Dominic

The Manor on Crimson Hill

Marsh, Nicholas

Roots of Evil

Mc, Paul

Satan's Academy

McCaig, Iain

The Black Lobster
The Hostel of Doom

McKenna, Martin

Isle of the Cyclops

Meneldur, Julien

The Manor on Crimson Hill

Menkes, Seb

Revenge of the Shadow Demon

Milne, Jared

Deathtrap Dungeon 3

Mitchell, Gavin


Moiz, Hamza

Quest for the Ebony Wand

Neill, Greg

Creature of Hangover
Festivities of Fury
Hovel of the Vampire

Nicholson, Russ

Isle of the Cyclops

Osborne, Simon

The Bodies in the Docks

Page, Nathan

Forest of Dreams
The Horror of Craggen Rock

Page, Stephen

Maze of Mayhem

Partington, Paul

Army of the Alchemist
Return of the Lizard King

Paulson, Stacey

Grisly Death

Pietroschek, Andrè M.

Beggars of Blacksand

Pittard, Jack

Creature of the Creek

Price, Geraint

The Love Cure
Orc Heart

Riddell, Doug

Monarch of Monoland
Realm of the Vampire

Sadler, Philip

Destroyer of Worlds
Doom Demon
House of Pain
Madman's Dash
Riders of the Storm
Shores of the Griffons

Sander, Al

Assault on the Fortress of Evil
Beggars of Blacksand
Blacksand Assassin
The Cold Heart of Chaos
Deathtrap Overlord
From the Shadows

Saylor, Ashton

The Grimlock's Cave

Schofield, Brett

Deathtrap Dungeon 3

Sibbick, John

Midnight Rogue II

Sinasac, Jeff

The Trial of Allibor's Tomb

Sinclair, Laurence

A Simple Task

Smith, Jason

Pit of Peril

Stedham, Davy

Bad Moon Rising

Stock, John

Fortress of Evil

Stoneham, Mark

Labyrinth of Lies

Taylor, Steven

O Greayt Orc Boss
Rebels of the Dark Chasms

Teixeira, Zeca

The Ranger of Grewlant


Gamor's Tremble
Madman's Dash
Shores of the Griffons

Turner, Christopher

Warrior Wizard: The Attack

Unger, Gregory

Planet of Peril

Vaughan, Stephen

The Un-united Kingdom

Viola, Alessandro

Albatross Atoll
Hummingbirds Island

Whawell, Oliver

Sorcery 2.5 - The Race from Earth End

Worley, Alec

Garden of Bones

Wright, Andrew

The Black Lobster
Charms and Tiny Arrows
Deathtrap Dungeon 3
Impudent Peasant!
Isle of the Cyclops
Lair of the Troglodytes


Beggars of Blacksand