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Series - Tunnel e troll

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Publisher: A. Mondadori -- Italy
Translated From: Tunnels and Trolls (English)
Translated Into: Tunnels and Trolls: Chimerae Hobby Group (English)

The Italian editions were translated from Corgi's British versions of the adventures.

Solitaire Adventures

1. La città del terrore
2. Il Castello d'Yvoire / E oltre la porta d'argento
3. L'amuleto dei Salkhti / L'arena di Khazan
4. La cieca sorte / La trappola mortale
5. I Signori del Gioco di Kasar / Il bosco delle nebbie
6. Una spada in vendita / La taverna del rospo blu

User Comments

It's really unusual that a good gamebook story can be totally ruined by the game mechanics, no matter how bad they could the.

But this is the case of T&T.

Not that the adventures provided in these books are masterpieces, but they are, in the overall, ok.

But T&T game mechanics are absurd and inconsistent enough to spoil the plots of any real involment. Any time you are about to face a combat phase you find yourself wondering on how many dice you will be forced to throw this time.



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