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Items with "Abnett, Dan" as Credited Author

Miscellaneous Works by Dan Abnett

Treasure Hunt in the Creepy Mansion
Treasure Hunt in the Lost City

Warhammer 40,000 Fiction

Eisenhorn Trilogy 1: Xenos
Eisenhorn Trilogy 2: Malleus
Eisenhorn Trilogy 3: Hereticus
Gaunt's Ghosts 1: First and Only
Gaunt's Ghosts 2: Ghostmaker
Gaunt's Ghosts 3: Necropolis
Gaunt's Ghosts 4: Honour Guard
Gaunt's Ghosts 5: The Guns of Tanith
Gaunt's Ghosts 6: Straight Silver

Warhammer Fantasy Fiction

Gilead's Blood
Hammers of Ulric
Knights Panther: Riders of the Dead