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Person - Hartas, Leo

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Items with "Hartas, Leo" as Credited Illustrator

Assassins of Allansia (2 editions)
Castle of Lost Souls (3 editions)
Crypt of the Vampire (3 editions)
Crypt of the Vampire (Collector's Edition) (1 edition)
Down Among the Dead Men (2 editions)
Dragon Warriors (1 edition)
The Elven Crystals (1 edition)
Fortress Throngard (2 editions)
The Island of Illusion (2 editions)
The Lord of Shadow Keep (3 editions)
Out of the Shadows (1 edition)
The Port of Peril (1 edition)
The Riddling Reaver (2 editions)
The Temple of Flame (Collector's Edition) (1 edition)
The Temple of Flame (3 editions)
Le Tombeau du Vampire (1 edition)
The Way of Wizardry (1 edition)
The Zagor Chronicles 3: Skullcrag (1 edition)
The Zagor Chronicles 4: Demonlord (1 edition)