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Person - Henderson, David

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Items with "Henderson, David" as Credited Illustrator

Find Your Fate - G. I. Joe

1. Operation: Star Raider (interior)
2. Operation: Dragon Fire (interior)
3. Operation: Terror Trap (interior)
4. Operation: Robot Assassin (interior)
5. The Everglades Swamp Terror (interior)
6. Operation: Death Stone (interior)
7. Operation: Deadly Decoy (interior)
8. Operation: Death-Ray (interior)
9. Operation: Mindbender (interior)
10. Operation: Night Flight (interior)
11. Operation: Weapons Disaster (interior)
12. Operation: Jungle Doom (interior)
13. Operation: Snow Job (interior)
14. Operation: Thunderbolt (interior)
15. Operation: Time Machine (interior)
16. Operation: Poison Dart (interior)
17. Operation: Sink or Swim (interior)
18. Operation: Killer Comet (interior)
19. Operation: Tiger Strike (interior)
20. Serpentor and the Mummy Warrior (interior)