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Items with "Estes, Rose" as Credited Author

Endless Quest

1. Dungeon of Dread
2. Mountain of Mirrors
3. Pillars of Pentegarn
4. Return to Brookmere
5. Revolt of the Dwarves
6. Revenge of the Rainbow Dragons
7. Hero of Washington Square
10. Circus of Fear
13. Dragon of Doom

Find Your Fate

2. Indiana Jones and the Lost Treasure of Sheba

Find Your Fate - Random House

2. The Three Investigators in: The Case of the Dancing Dinosaur
5. The Trail of Death
6. The Mystery of the Turkish Tattoo

Greyhawk Novels

3. Master Wolf
4. The Price of Power
5. The Demon Hand
6. The Name of the Game
7. The Eyes Have It

Iron Dragons

Mountains & Madness

Miscellaneous Works by Rose Estes

Children of the Dragon

Runesword Novels

2. Skryling's Blade
6. The Stone of Time

Saga of the Lost Lands Novels

1. Blood of the Tiger
2. Brother to the Lion
3. Spirit of the Hawk

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