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Items with "Dowson, Mark" as Credited Author

Knights of the Dinner Table

Bandit Tower
Blade Quest
Escape from the Dwarven Dungeon
The Great Heroes
Kobolds are Dangerous Vermin
A Ranger's Winter
The Stronghold of Emlock
Upstart Off-Worlder: A Solo Sci-Fi RPG Adventure

Star Wars Adventurers Journal

Aggressive Negotiations: Solo Adventure featuring Ku Karn Low Garn
And No Questions: A Solo Adventure featuring IF-121
Escape From Rotgut Station: A Solo Adventure
Greetings From Gutter Town: A Solo Adventure featuring Ferris Hol
Jedi Resurgence: A Solo Adventure
Just For One Day, You Are The Hero!: A Solo Adventure featuring Aurek Jenth
Lessons of the Past: A Solo Adventure
The Pirates Lair: A Solo Adventure featuring Jorin Gar
A Safe & Secure Society: Solo Adventure featuring Reska Jat
You Are An Imperials Nightmare: A Solo Adventure featuring Zerun/Saekar

The Warlock Returns

You Are a Space Ranger, Scourge of Pirates!