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Person - Waldmeister

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Items with "Waldmeister" as Credited Illustrator

BattleCards (US)

6. Waldmeister
10. Quest: The Heirs of Vangor
11. Lord Magnoble's Quest
12. Quest: The Princess' Suitor
13. The Cursewitch's Quest
14. Quest: The Rings of Harrak-Barr
15. The Jester's Quest
16. Saint Charity's Quest
17. Wondrous Treasure Quest
18. The Fool's Quest
19. The Rune Quest
141. The Lyre of Eternal Song
142. The Sword of Slaying
143. The Genie in the Jewel
144. The Talisman of Fortune
145. The Orb of Shantos
146. The Dragonstone
147. The Amulet of Eternal Beauty
148. The Crown of Vangor