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Julie Fison grew up in Brisbane and worked in Australia, Asia and Europe as a television news reporter. Her first fiction series, 'Hazard River' (see J.E. Fison), is fast paced and fun with an environmental twist. The stories were inspired by a family holiday on the Noosa River. Noosa is also the setting for Julie's first teen romance - 'Tall, Dark and Distant' which is part of the Smitten series. Her other story in the series - 'Lust and Found' takes readers on a journey through steamy Cambodia as Sienna looks for her missing brother. In Julie's new young adult novel (July 2014) - 'Counterfeit Love', Hong Kong reporter, Lucy Yang, gets more than she bargains for when she is handed a mysterious package. Julie also has two books in a Choose Your Own Ever After series that lets readers decide how the story goes. The fun starts with 'How to get to Rio'. 'The Call of the Wild' came out in August 2014.

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Choose Your Own Ever After

1. How to Get to Rio
2. The Call Of The Wild