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Person - Masters, M.

Pseudonym For: Havens, David; Havens, Lani; Kantar, Andrew; Stanley, George Edward; von Wacker, Alexander

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Items with "Masters, M." as Credited Author

Can You Solve the Mystery?

1. The Secret of the Long-Lost Cousin
2. The Case of the Chocolate Snatcher
3. The Case of the Video Game Smugglers
4. The Case of the Mysterious Dognapper
5. The Case of the Clever Computer Crooks
6. The Case of the Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies
7. The Mystery of the Star Ship Movie
8. The Secret of the Software Spy
9. The Case of the Toilet Paper Decorator
10. The Secret of the Loon Lake Monster
11. The Mystery of the Haunted House
12. The Secret of the Video Game Scores
13. The Mystery of the Phony Frankenstein
14. The Case of the Clever Marathon Cheat