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Items with "Horne, Daniel R." as Credited Illustrator

Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998)

132. The Luckiest Day of Your Life (cover)

Doctor Who: Target Books (American Reprints)

The Further Adventures of Doctor Who (cover)


The Djinni's Ring

Legends of Lone Wolf (Berkley, 1990-1991)

1. Eclipse of the Kai (cover)
2. The Dark Door Opens (cover)
3. The Tides of Treachery (cover)
4. The Sword of the Sun (cover)
5. Hunting Wolf (cover)

The Lightbringer Trilogy

1. The Forging of the Shadows (cover)

Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries

1. Murder at the Diogenes Club
2. The Black River Emerald
3. Death at Appledore Towers
4. The Crown vs. Dr. Watson (cover)
5. The Dynamiters (cover)
6. The Honour of the Yorkshire Light Artillery (cover)
7. The Royal Flush (cover)


1. The Possibility Wars 1: Storm Knights (cover)
2. The Possibility Wars 2: The Dark Realm (cover)
3. The Possibility Wars 3: The Nightmare Dream (cover)