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Dragonlance Novels

Dream of the Namer
The Final Touch
From the Yearning for War and the War's Ending
Into the Heart of the Story
Mark of the Flame, Mark of the Word
Riverwind and the Crystal Staff
Seven Hymns of the Dragon
Six Songs for the Temple of Istar
The Word and the Silence
1. Chronicles 1: Dragons of Autumn Twilight (poetry)
2. Chronicles 2: Dragons of Winter Night (poetry)
3. Chronicles 3: Dragons of Spring Dawning (poetry)
4. Legends 1: Time of the Twins (poetry)
5. Legends 2: War of the Twins (poetry)
6. Legends 3: Test of the Twins (poetry)
14. Preludes 2: Kendermore (poetry)
21. Heroes II 3: Galen Benighted
35. Villains Series 1: Before the Mask
41. The Second Generation (poetry)
53. Chronicles 4: Dragons of Summer Flame (poetry)